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Always Get Back Up

When I replay childhood memories on the big screen of my mind, I can honestly say that playing sports in school is not one of my favorites.  I did, even though I was horrible at all of them, put my... Continue Reading →


Connection for Empowerment

As we journey through our Christian life, many times we are confronted with our weaknesses and inability to do what we feel God is asking from us. During these times we often find ourselves looking into the face of self-doubt and insecurity. However, the Lord’s desire for us is to not give in to those crippling thoughts and emotions, but rather lean in to Him and allow others to help guide us through those weaknesses so that we can become stronger.

A Power Couple Indeed

May my theology influence my experience and may my experience uphold my theology. If either one need to be adjusted, I allow Holy Spirit to enter in to both my theology and/or my experience to adjust them. The goal is always to be the perfect expression of Jesus Christ on earth, even as Jesus Himself was the perfect expression of the Father when He walked the earth over 2000 years ago.

HELP! I Can’t See

Not being able to see clearly is what makes walking in destiny challenging and an adventure all at the same time. Seasons of darkness, however, need to be met with actions that bring light to the soul.

To Your Position

Have you ever been involved in a drama production?  A small skit or maybe even a full on performance with props, lighting, and special effects?  I can remember various productions I participated in, being both excited about the part I... Continue Reading →

Obeying is Leading

Leading within your sphere of influence is tied to obedience. When you obey, new life is released where your obedience is displayed.

Transformation: Part 3

An amazing thing happens when the people of God come together to accomplish the purposes of God. When we can set aside our differences and unite together under the banner of love for Jesus, God has a platform to work from!

Transformation: Part 2

God is looking for obedient lovers that He can trust with divine assignments.

Transformation: Part One

The revelation of Him is creating an atmosphere in this nation that will shift us from our current course and bring us into a place of expressing Jesus in the earth once again!

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