For over 20 years, Jonathan Farrell, who is more often than not referred to as “Farrell”, has served the local church in just about every capacity – children, youth, worship, outreach, drama, teaching, preaching, technical arts, you name it – all with the same mission: to impart a passionate heart of love for God.

At the age of 14, Farrell felt the call of God on his life.  After moving from Burlington, IA to attend Christ For The Nations Institute in Dallas, TX, he went on to complete his Bachelors of Ministry and Leadership at Life Pacific College.  His desire is to see America return to its original mandate of being the light of the Gospel to the world.  Farrell is passionate about Revival, Great Awakening and Unity in the Body of Christ, being fueled by his desire to know God and to make Him known.

His unique, anointed, and transparent (often hilarious) teachings inspire both young and old to reach their full potential in life.  He effectively and creatively communicates Biblical principles, encouraging believers to live a Godly, Spirit-led lifestyle, displaying the Kingdom of God in their every-day lives.  Spend any amount of time with Farrell and you will quickly learn that He is genuinely in love with God, sincerely believes in every person he comes across and is as clumsy as they come.

Farrell currently lives in South Florida with his beautiful wife Danielle and is serving the local church at Liberty Life Center.