We, as humans, have an amazing privilege of joining God’s initiative of cultivating something that is out of this world into this world. You may have heard this being referred to as bringing Heaven to Earth, Revival, or even perhaps an Awakening.  Whatever you choose to call what God has commissioned humanity to do in the earth, one thing is for sure – we are not able to “do” what is being asked of us without first “being” the people we were created to be.

We must become people who live from the perspective of a different world, while at the same time influencing the world in which we live.  This happens most effectively by allowing Holy Spirit to cultivate the various dimensions of God’s world (or Kingdom) in us.  By allowing Holy Spirit to take us on this journey, we become the image bearers of God as mentioned in Genesis 1:26, no longer restrained by the crippling effects of sin, but alive to God in Christ.  With this as our new playing field, the authority that Jesus took back from Satan is now ours once again.  The purpose for this authority is to engage us in our initial purpose of fruitfulness, multiplication, and dominion (Genesis 1:28).  As we Awaken to this mandate, the shift will become evident in our personal lives, affecting our culture causing Awakening and Revival.  With the empowering help of Holy Spirit, let’s Awaken NOW!